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AI Simulation

Today, AI developers are working on an increasingly wide range of business applications in areas including manufacturing, logistics, supply chains, urban transportation, business processes, healthcare, asset management, and more. Successfully applying machine learning in business, for example, requires powerful and realistic virtual environments that enable risk-free training and testing of learning agents.

These environments need to be much more sophisticated than collections of images or videos, computer games, or even historical business data – they should also be able to simulate a rich spectrum of system behaviors, including those that have never occurred before, as well as interact with learning agents during the simulation.

Why use simulation for AI?

Mindrops is the market and technology leader in the realm of general-purpose simulation. Mindrops models help AI practitioners in many different practical applications, including:

  • Synthetic Data Generation :
  • Unlimited amounts of relevant, clean, structured, and labeled machine learning training data for use in supervised learning, analytics and data mining applications — including data not yet experienced or recorded.
  • Neural Network Training:
  • Simulated environments for training learning agents using deep reinforcement learning architectures in simulations of real-world scenarios. A neural network can work interactively with a simulation model, dynamically reading its state and taking action.
  • Testing AI Models:
  • Test the behavior of your system in a powerful, realistic, and risk-free environment. The behavior of AI systems can be safely explored and analyzed in a simulation model.

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