Case Studies - AI Based Product

Predictive Maintenance AI based Product

One of our clients is Austria's biggest manufacturer and distributor of innovative analytical instruments. These instruments are offered to customers who want to monitor the performance of their manufacturing equipment. Their one of the products used for home brewers.

They came to us to make an AI product that can predict when maintenance should be performed. This approach promises cost savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance.

Since implementing AI Product, the client has helped its clients improved maintenance planning and worked their way out a reactive cycle. 

Tech Stack used Python, Autoencoder, One-Class SVM, Pyod, Multivariate Gaussian, TensorFlow, Keras.

The transformation resulted in reduced maintenance cost up to 25% for their clients.

Computer Vision Body Measurement AI based Product

One of our clients based out in the USA is a cutting-edge size recommendation and visualization platform for fashion eCommerce. They wanted to enhance the capability of their product to find the perfect fit for brand shoppers.

This will help their brands increase conversion and reduce returns. It will increase the time efficiency and improve the accessibility of clothes try on in the dressing room.

Since implementing the Computer Vision AI product, the client has helped his brand reduce returns and happy customers.

Tech Stack used Python, TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch, fastai, openCV, CNN.

The transformation resulted in reduced sales return of their brands up to 20%.

Multi-Channel AI based Product

One of our clients based out in India is an eCommerce retailer. They want to know to identify high-value customers who are keen to buy a product through their platform, optimize their journey, optimize marketing resources which will increase the profits.

Firstly, important customers were identified. The mapping of customer interaction through different channels with the brand identified. Further, the value of importance is assigned to each of these channels. Further, credit for the conversion is assigned to particular channels.

Tech Stack Python, Markov Chain

The transformation resulted in increased sales by up to 15% and lowered the cart-abandonment rate by 18% .

Manpower Forecasting AI based Product

One of our clients based out in India is a power distribution and support services company. Their service level was going down due to an unwanted spike in demand for electrical technicians required.

They wanted to predict manpower such as technician, linemen requirement for the next 30 days. This way can improve their service level and keep control on cost.

We assisted them in building a product that can forecast the manpower requirement for the next day’s using deep learning techniques.

Tech Stack Python, ARIMA, LSTM, RNN, Fuzzy Time Series, Vector Auto Regressive .

The transformation resulted in Improved Forecasting Accuracy up to 90%.